Ethical & Fabulous


This is our maiden blog, and so let us talk about where it began.


It began small. It began amidst adversaries. And it began (and even reached here) with the support of women who stood strong with each other. It also began with a vision, to be ethical, and responsible. Two years since this journey began, we continue to do what we began in the first place. Most of our collaborations are with women entrepreneurs. Most of our products are made by skilled women, and last, but not the least, all our products endorse ethical fashion. We believe fashion can cross boundaries and unite people. We have seen that happen, and we strive to make it happen as well. Our tag line is, Threads That Bind. We hope that we continue to break barriers, and bind people through beautiful things that give joy.  

Our aim is to make you feel special, so owning a Les Sûtras becomes a beautiful experience for you. Of course, the only way to enjoy our product is to see it up close. Please allow us to introduce you to the Les Sûtras experience!

Our Vision & Mission

It is our endeavour to team up with local & international organisations, as well as individuals, to improve our products and methods; to promote ethical fashion as well as to continue to grow meaningfully. Social responsibility has always been a core value at Les Sûtras. Our mission is to be ethical and fabulous at the same time. Our journey has been special, and none of this would have been possible without you. 

Les Sûtras thanks you all for your support!


1 thought on “Ethical & Fabulous

  1. Saw your stuff, it’s superb, embroidery is exclusive, keep rocking. I wish if I could have something in India from your collection


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